Historia Medieval de Club Penguin

A long time ago, the kingdom of Ye Olde Club Penguin lived in peace in harmony. Blacksmiths worked, farmers planted, and knights and princesses battled for the fate of their village. Until one day, the dark dragon came and gained power of the entire kingdom. There was no way to defeat this beast. It lived above the island, in the Sky Kingdom. A brave band of knights used theThunder Blade, an object of great power, to destroy it. The dark dragon was banished to a dungeon, and went into exile for almost eternity.
In 2012, the dragon king Scorn escaped his dungeon and came back to Sky Kingdom to plot his revenge. A modern scientist named Gary was aware of this, and made armor for penguins to wear. They were to gather weapons, such as the Slingshot, and uncovered the legendary Thunder Blade. They raced to the Fairy Forest, the Mushroom Kingdom, and the old kingdom ruins. Finally, they raced to Sky Kingdom for the final confrontation with Scorn. The battle had only begun...
After training and hard work blasting the spheres with the Slingshot, Scorn exploded into pure light energy. The kingdom had been saved! The entire island rejoiced, and the path to the Sky Kingdom was opened.

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